As a Manufacturers’ Representative firm in both the contracting and retail markets, we clearly understand this is a technology-based industry with continually changing products and applications. The success of these products are driven as much by perception and emotion as they are by specification and price. Therefore, we subscribe to a unique Malcolm Gladwell concept.

There are 3 agents of change that bring a business or product to their highest level of success.


Charismatic with strong negotiation skills. Persuaders not manipulators to ensure your business is achieving its optimum return on investment.


Information specialists and information brokers: sharing and trading our experience and what we know with you.


Serving our valued business relationships by bringing people, ideas, and opportunities together for mutual benefit.

R. Joseph Group offers Sales, Marketing/Branding and Training services to be that agency of change. And we have the experience, system processes and proven track record to provide the results you desire.

Both Dealers and Manufacturers need more today from a Representative firm and we believe our approach is the most complete solution to success.